• Viper CAR275 Carpet Extractor

    £703.36 + VAT

    With this carpet cleaner, you will meet the demanding needs of cleaning midsized carpeted areas in offices, schools, airports, restaurants, hotels, malls and other heavy-traffic areas.

  • Viper PS480 Push Sweeper

    £285.88 + VAT

    The compact design and construction add cost-effectiveness to the well-known Viper quality, as the sweeper is built on a rugged frame, and the brooms are rotated via a belt drive or by a simple two-wheel transmission with very little need for service since no motor, battery or power cord will require your attention.

    You can focus on the cleaning job, and the sweeper offers great capacity with its 38-litre hopper. While pushed to clean indoor floors or outdoor areas, the Viper will sweep away and pick up paper, leaves, bottle caps, corks, cigarette butts – even small screws, nails, etc.

    The simplicity of the manual sweeper makes it very reliable. It is lightweight, easy to manoeuvre, and with a working width of 72 cm, the PS480 offers fast and productive cleaning of shops, gas stations, car parks, schools, outside office buildings, small factories, warehouses, bus/railway stations, courtyard, paths, etc.

  • CL Floorcare Catering cleaner

    Pink Pearl Soap (5 Litre)

    £12.50 + VAT

    At CL Floorcare we offer a wide range of cleaning chemicals, soaps and sanitisers including floor polishes, floor strippers, car care products, hand soap and more.

    This is just one of the hand soaps we do offer. If you would like to place an order with us or find out more about the range of chemicals we stock then contact us today.