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Pink Pearl Soap (5 Litre)


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Suitable for all industries and applications where a mild yet effective soap is required.


At CL Floorcare we offer a wide range of cleaning chemicals, soaps and sanitisers including floor polishes, floor strippers, car care products, hand soap and more.

This is just one of the hand soaps we do offer. If you would like to place an order with us or find out more about the range of chemicals we stock then contact us today.


This formula is based on gentle cleaning agents and emollients. It contains lanolin, a derivative that replaces natural oils. The biocide present will provide a residual antiseptic for cuts and grazes. It is also free from abrasives and solvents, leaving skin soft.

Method of Use

The soap can be used diluted but is normally used ‘as is’. Application should be direct to the hands working well into the skin before being rinsed off with water. On-site, where water is not available to rinse with, the soap can be wiped away with a soft cloth or paper towel. The soap is also ideal for use in shower areas or work areas.