Nilfisk Park Ranger 2150

Nilfisk Park Ranger 2150


The Nilfisk Park Ranger 2150 is the basic machine for an all-season range of Park Ranger attachments. Articulated and just 1 m wide.


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The Nilfisk Park Ranger 2150 utility machine provides professional performance in even the tightest spots and is easy to manoeuvre thanks to its servo steering and a turning radius of just 1.5 m. Four-wheel drive and 28 hp ensure strength and power in all work situations.


Easy handling

The Park Ranger 2150 is fully hydraulic and extremely simple to operate. It features no mechanical parts such as fan belts, chains and crankshafts, so it contains very few wearing parts. The utility machine, therefore, requires only minimal maintenance and is remarkably durable. The same applies to the attachments, which are all custom-made for the Park Ranger 2150.

Once they are fitted, they become an integrated part of the machine, thus ensuring that it always retains its compact form.


Quick-shift of attachments

With the Park Ranger 2150 the changeover from one attachment to another is done in less than 4 minutes – no tools required!

Weight 1300 kg
Dimensions 2225 × 1015 × 1935 cm

Machine Key Points

    • Articulated and compact
    • 28 HP & 4 wheel drive
    • Quick-Shift in less than 4 minutes
    • Light weight on green areas
    • Tailor-made attachments

Machine Specifications

Product details Item no. E97000100
Fuel tank (l) 20
Dimensions, L x W x H (mm) 2225 x 1015 x 1935
Cylinders (pcs.) 3
Height without cab (mm) 1210
Weight with cab (kg) 610
Weight without cab (kg) 485
Permitted total weight (kg) 1300
Trailer without brakes – permitted trailer weight (kg) max. 750
Permitted combined weight – trailer without brakes (kg) max. 1750
Trailer with brakes – permitted trailer weight (kg) max. 1500
Permitted combined weight – trailer with brakes (kg) max. 2650
Tyre size 18 x 9.5 – 8
Allowed axle load, front (kg) 740
Allowed axle load, rear (kg) 740
Tyre pressure (psi) 24
Wheel pressure on surface (kg/cm²) 1.6
Noise level, acc. EEC-norm 2009/63 – Passing (dB(A)) 80
Max. speed (km/h) 16
Engine power rating hp (kW) 28 (21)
Fuel consumption (l/h) 2.8
Engine type Perkins – Stage IIIA
High maneuverability X
No tools required for attachment change X
Quick change of attachments – less than 4 min. X
Tailormade attachments X
Light weight on green areas X
Low cost operation and maintenance X
Compact design X
Low turning radius X