Outdoor Cleaning Machines

The outdoors deserve as much attention as the indoors when it comes to cleaning. Whether it is a condominium complex, five-star hotel or public building, the outside is the first thing we see. Therefore, it’s your first impression and can influence your view of the whole place.

Outdoor cleaning machines allow property managers, company cleaning crews and other users to maintain a high level of cleanliness of the exterior. The machines used for cleaning outside have to be sturdy and powerful enough to eliminate debris, dirt and sometimes, snow. We have different kinds of outdoor equipment that is suitable for cleaning drives, street and car parks. The type of machines that you pick for your outdoor cleaning will depend on the task. Some of the options we offer include are discussed below.

Floor Sweeping machines

The floor sweeping machines we have can serve both light and heavy-duty purposes. This equipment contains quality brush that helps to remove dirt and debris from hard concrete surfaces. You can get either a ride-on or walk behind commercial floor sweeper, depending on your cleaning requirements. The machines also vary in size from compact ones to use in tight spaces to large ones that cover extensive areas.

Flat Surface Cleaners

If the cleaning crew has to tidy up flat surfaces, this particular machine is a suitable investment. It simplifies flat surface cleaning and can attach to any pressure washer.

Pressure Washers

For outdoor surfaces that need thorough cleaning with water, pressure washers do a great job. Our pressure washers satisfy a host of cleaning requirements from abattoirs to factories. You can get a self-contained unit that makes it less challenging to get to the hard-to-reach places.

The outdoor cleaning equipment can use cold water pressure washers or hot water pressure washers so your hygiene standards will determine the best solution. A pressure washer can be accessorised with a gum blaster machine to remove gum that is stuck on surfaces.

Scrubber Dryer machines

Another machine that can contribute towards your outdoor cleaning efforts is the industrial floor scrubber dryer machine. It combines scrubbing and drying functionalities which provide cleaners with an efficient approach to tidying up streets, walkways and paths.

Why Use CL Floorcare

Customer satisfaction is at the centre of everything we do. That is why we stock outdoor cleaning machines from world-class manufacturers. If you need parts and accessories for repair and replacement, we carry genuine products.

Our industrial cleaning machines for outdoor applications are available for sales and hire. When your equipment demands service, you can count on our skilled engineers to provide professional maintenance.

We have been selling cleaning equipment throughout the UK since 2007. Therefore, we understand the diverse needs of our clients.

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  • Nilfisk Park Ranger 2150Nilfisk Park Ranger 2150

    Nilfisk Park Ranger 2150

    The Nilfisk Park Ranger 2150 utility machine provides professional performance in even the tightest spots and is easy to manoeuvre thanks to its servo steering and a turning radius of just 1.5 m. Four-wheel drive and 28 hp ensure strength and power in all work situations.


    Easy handling

    The Park Ranger 2150 is fully hydraulic and extremely simple to operate. It features no mechanical parts such as fan belts, chains and crankshafts, so it contains very few wearing parts. The utility machine, therefore, requires only minimal maintenance and is remarkably durable. The same applies to the attachments, which are all custom-made for the Park Ranger 2150.

    Once they are fitted, they become an integrated part of the machine, thus ensuring that it always retains its compact form.


    Quick-shift of attachments

    With the Park Ranger 2150 the changeover from one attachment to another is done in less than 4 minutes – no tools required!