Walk Behind Floor Sweepers

Walk behind sweepers are designed with high manoeuvrability in mind. They are easy to operate and highly efficient. With their compact design, walk behind sweepers are easy to use for various applications, leaving you with clean surroundings both inside and out. Our range of walk behind sweepers from CL Floorcare includes leading brands such as Nilfisk and Karcher. Learn more about these fantastic industrial and commercial cleaning machines from the links below or call us on 01782 749451.


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    Nilfisk SW250

    £464.94 £444.76

    Nilfisk SW250

    Nilfisk SW250 Being compact and light, you can also use the sweeper when space is limited or in congested areas. The brooms are rotated by the gear system as the machine is pushed forward by the user, making the sound level low.

    There is no motor, which  makes daytime cleaning an attractive, cost-saving option. The user will enjoy several benefits such as the soft grip handle which is adjustable to always ensure a comfortable working position.

    Dust being limited by the built-in filter and the easy handling of the large hopper when it needs to be emptied. All-in-all this fast and productive Nilfisk sweeper is an ideal choice for applications such as cleaning in small factories, car parks, shopping centres, schools, workshops, bus/railway stations as well as outside office buildings.

    Key support


    • Direct-throw system to ensure excellent sweeping performance


    • Capacity for long time cleaning: 38-litre hopper, which can be kept open for the disposal of big items, emptying of garbage bins, etc.


    • Easy to manoeuvre: Large non-marking wheels make pushing and steering simple for the user


    • Handles dust well: Built-in filter for improved dust control and user comfort
    • Solid and suited for outdoor use: Rugged corrosion proof frame


    • Virtually service free: Simple mechanical construction with gear and belt drive. No motor or battery


    • Handle adjustable to fit the operator height (3 positions)


    • Hopper remains in place even when the sweeper is stored in an upright position or hung on the wall




    Nilfisk SW250     Nilfisk SW250




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    Nilfisk SW250

    Product details Item no. 50000494
    Power source Manual
    Productivity main broom theoretical/actual (m²/h) 1920/960
    Main broom (mm) 480
    Productivity 1 side broom theoretical/actual (m²/h) 2800/1400
    Productivity 2 side brooms theoretical/actual (m²/h) 3680/1840
    Working width with 2 side brooms (mm) 920
    Working width with right side broom (mm) 700
    Hopper volume (l) 38
    Weight (kg) 20
    Dimensions, L x W x H (mm) 1470x920x1120
    Adjustable handle X
    Soft handle X
    Ergonomic handle X
    Folding handle X
    Two side brooms X


  • Sale! Nilfisk SW750Nilfisk SW750

    Nilfisk SW750

    £3,429.82 £2,642.33

    Nilfisk SW750


    The Nilfisk SW750  is suitable for daytime cleaning without risk of causing disturbance. The entire design is so efficient and cleverly thought-out, that productivity is assured even with an inexperienced operator, while operating costs are minimised.


    Key facts:


    • Silent running. At just 59 dbA, the SW 750 can be used in even the most noise sensitive areas


    • Onboard battery (46Ah) and battery charger come as supplied as standard. The battery provides up to 2 hours run time on hard floors, allowing sweeping of approximately 6,000 sq.mtrs. Optional 77 Ah battery increases running time to 3.5 hours


    • The main and side brushes are adjustable to ensure perfect pressure on the floor at all times and in all conditions


    • Polyester filter to be used in both wet and dry applications




    SW750      Nilfisk SW750




    Nilfisk SW750

    Product details Item no. CM908 4701 010-02
    Hopper volume (l) 60
    Max. speed (km/h) 4
    Motor power source Battery 12V
    Length x width x height (mm) 998x800x1100
    Operating weight (kg) 68
    Max. dumping height (cm)
    Min. turn-around aisle width (cm)
    Max. climbing rate (%) 20
    Side broom diameter (mm) 315
    Working width with right side broom (mm) 720
    Working width with 2 side brooms (mm)
    Main filter area (m²) 1
    Motorbrand Amer
    Sound pressure level (dB(A)) 59
    Main broom (mm) 500×200
    Main broom speed (RPM) 335
    Side broom speed (RPM) 100
    Productivity 1 side broom theoretical/actual (m²/h) 2880/1730
    Productivity 2 side brooms theoretical/actual (m²/h)
    LED battery meter X
    Compact design X
    Direct throw sweeping X
    Non marking traction wheels X
    Adjustable handle x
    Onboard charger x
    Manual filter shaker x


  • Sale! Nilfisk SW900Nilfisk SW900

    Nilfisk SW900

    £7,537.86 £5,204.94

    Nilfisk SW900


    The Nilfisk SW900 offers valuable benefits to businesses looking for a time-saving, more productive and easy-to-use sweeper ensuring dust free sweeping of dry debris.

    An ideal sweeper for cleaning contractors, industry and manufacturing, schools, warehouses, hotels, exhibition & conference centres. with both higher cleaning performance and productivity.


    Key Facts:


    • Controls operated from operator position.


    • More comfortable to manoeuvre with new ergonomic handlebar


    • Easier to adjust speed: New traction lever integrated in handlebar.


    • 60 litre hopper which is easy to roll off from the sweeper


    • New side broom control on handlebar.


    • Switch On/off when side broom is lowered/raised.


    • Quicker and more effective cleaning of filter:


    • New electric shaker system.




    Nilfisk SW900      Nilfisk SW900





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    Nilfisk SW900





  • Karcher KM 80 W P Powered Walk Behind Sweeper

    What’s more, its series front brush and range of accessories with tool-free assembly make it very versatile. For example, in cases of heavy snowfall, the roller brush can be used in combination with the optional snow blade. The spring mechanism in the snow blade enables obstacles to be driven over with ease and prevents damage to the machine. Leaves, coarse dirt and other debris land directly in the sweeping container. The towed wheels of the container ensure quiet operation and smooth steering. Specially designed for professional use, the KM 80 W P front sweeper can effortlessly handle almost any task. The machine is suitable both for professional facility management and for use in a municipal environment. The robust metal frame guarantees a long service life. All components are tested for durability.

    Karcher Brochure

    KM 80 W Brochure           KM 80 W Factsheet

  • Karcher KM 70/15 C Manual Push Sweeper

    Sweeping 7 x faster than a conventional broom, the 70/15 dramatically reduces dust and guarantees consistent, thorough results. Featuring an adjustable side brush for cleaning right up to kerb edges. Ideal for cleaning paths, halls and warehouses quickly and efficiently. The machine folds flat for easy storage.

    KM70/15 C Brochure       KM70/15C Factsheet


  • Karcher floor sweeperKarcher floor sweeper

    Karcher KM 75/40 W P/W Bp Powered Sweeper

    . Ideal for cleaning various floor types including asphalt, pavements, concrete, carpets and other hard floors. With an 24V electric motor, the machine offers an average coverage of up to 3375m2 per hour. Choose between low maintenance batteries (order no 9.621-551.0) and maintenance-free batteries (order no 1.049-207.0).

    KM 75 Brochure                  KM 75 Factsheet



  • Karcher KM 70/30 C BP ADV Powered Walk Behind Sweeper

    The Karcher cleaning machine also features an integrated extraction system for dust free applications. The 20 litre hopper is very easy to empty and both main and side brushes are adjustable to suit different surfaces. The machine folds flat for easy storage.

    Karcher walk behind sweeper

    KM 70/30 c Brochure       KM 70/30 c Factsheet

  • Karcher machineKarcher machine

    Karcher KM 85/50 W P/W BP Powered sweeper

    Equipped with traction drive, and a 50 litre mobile waste container complete with a dust separator, this Karcher walk-behind sweeper is ideal for contract cleaners, trade and craft for regular sweeping of areas of 300sqm or more.

    Karcher Sweeper brochure

    KM 85/50 Brochure            KM 85/50 Factsheet