Portable Cold Water Pressure Washers

CL Floorcare stock a wide range of portable cold water pressure washers from leading brands such as Nilfisk and Karcher. We know, cleaning large surfaces is not always an easy task. Consequently, some surfaces may require a bit more power than a garden hose can provide. Mobile cold water pressure washers are designed to easily cope with these tasks. For example, a surfaces that can’t be cleaned with simple scrubbing, a heavy-duty machine can get the job quickly and cleanly. 

Our portable cold water pressure washers are built to handle the most gruelling cleaning jobs. If you have surfaces that are caked in dirt, the best way to remove it is to blast it at high pressure.

Explore the Versatility of Cold Water Pressure Washers

Pressure washers are efficient for 2 main reasons. Firstly, they allow cleaning teams to spend less time on tasks. Secondly, they cost-efficient too, saving you money. For example, they will cover larger surface areas in shorter periods, compared to manual cleaning.

The Right Machine for the Right Job

Should you invest in cold or hot water pressure washers? Both machines function using the same principle. The surfaces that you have to clean will determine the most suitable equipment. Mobile cold water pressure washers are versatile, meaning that they can be used to clean any number of surfaces. Therefore, whether you are cleaning a factory floor, hospital or office lobby, a cold water pressure washer will eliminate dirt thoroughly.

The power of a pressure washer allows it to strip away paint, dirt, debris and almost all surface residue. One advantage that cold water pressure washers have over hot water machines is the reduced cost of purchasing or renting one. Consequently, if surfaces are not covered in oil, grime or grease, a cold water washer is a more practical investment.

Meeting All Your Cleaning Needs

CL Floorcare has been catering to industrial and commercial cleaning applications for years. Therefore, we understand the diverse requirements that our customers have when it comes to buying or hiring cleaning machines.

You can find electric portable pressure washers from top brands. Get our mobile cold water power washers for a host of cleaning applications.

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  • Karcher K2 Compact Pressure Washer


    The Kärcher K2 Compact pressure washer is lightweight and can tackle any outdoor cleaning task. Whether you’re looking to gently clean delicate paintwork on your car, or need to remove stubborn dirt from a hard surface, the K2 Compact is up to the task. The unit is compact enough to be stored in a shed or transported in the boot of the car. The K 2 Compact is easy to carry and use, with the cables, hose and accessories all storing neatly on the machine.

    The plastic casing is impact-resistant and durable, with all components and fixings designed to the highest Kärcher quality standards.

  • Karcher K4 Full Control Home Pressure Washer


    The new K 4 Full Control Home power washer from Kärcher is the perfect solution for your patio or decking. The additional home kit makes tackling your outdoor spaces that much easier.

    Kärcher has developed a new system to help guide you to the correct pressure setting for your cleaning task. Simply choose the correct spray lance based on the surface you want to clean and the symbol guides on the lances. If using the Vario Power spray lance, you need to select the right pressure setting for your surface, using the LED display on your trigger to guide you. This new system helps you achieve the best possible clean for your home. The long-life water-cooled motor gives you a 3-year warranty. The perfect machine for cleaning medium-sized patios, decking and cars.

  • Nilfisk Cold Static Pressure Washer


    Nilfisk offers cold water high-pressure washers to meet your every need. From low-intensity or routine tasks to intense or speciality assignments, the Nilfisk range meets your challenges head-on.

  • Nilfisk Mobile Cold Pressure Washer


    Nilfisk offers cold water high-pressure washers to meet your every need. From low-intensity or routine tasks to intense or speciality assignments, the Nilfisk range meets your challenges head-on.

  • NILFISK PRESSURE WASHER C120Nilfisk C 110.7/ C 110.7 X-TRA

    Nilfisk C 110.7 X-TRA

    This light, compact and easy to handle Nilfisk high-pressure washer is ideal for basic garden cleaning. It offers a maximum pressure of 110 bar – which is enough to be efficient on light to moderately dirty surfaces. The automatic start/stop system along with an aluminium pump makes this a reliable product that is perfect for cleaning your patio, fence, car, bike or garden furniture surfaces up to 25 m2/ hour. It is easy to move around and stow away.​

    To increase performance, this Nilfisk comes with Click & Clean connectivity for a range of optional accessories.



    Nilfisk Pressure Washer C120.7-6

    Nilfisk C120 Pressure Washer is a highly-manoeuvrable, high-pressure washer with added power for occasional cleaning The jet washer has the power to handle most cleaning tasks around the house and garden, with a 1400W motor and long-life pressure washer pump made of tough metal.

    The handy trolley design and small size make this compact pressure washer easy to stow away after use, and the 120 bar with 440 litres per hour of water flow offers excellent cleaning results.


    Price does not include postage.


  • Nilfisk MC 2CNilfisk MC 3C

    Nilfisk MC 2C Pressure Washer


    The Nilfisk MC 2C line comprises models designed for routine semi-professional use mainly by tradesmen, on small construction sites or for rentals. The mobile unit associates a high level of ergonomics with cleaning power.

    The compact design of the MC 2C makes it easy to transport and store because of the size of the machine.

  • Nilfisk MC 3CNilfisk MC 3C

    Nilfisk MC 3C Pressure Washer


    The Nilfisk MC 3C includes an innovative spray gun holder that protects the spary gun and keep it out of harm’s way during storage and transport.

    Our studies have shown that one of the most common pressure washer components broken during transport is the spray gun, simply because it is not always stored correctly and thus is left unprotected.

    Another feature included on the Nilfisk MC 3C is a turnable electrical cable hook that makes it easy to wind and unwind the electrical cable, reducing the hassle linked to preparation or storage of the machine.

    This range of machines brings a clear reduction in the total cost of ownership for our customers, which has been a key element in our strategy. The MC range of pressure washers increases cleaning efficiency on average by 15%. Thanks to the external detergent injector system, the real working pressure at the nozzle is increased and the cleaning time can be reduced by up to 15% – and this saves labour, water and electricity costs! The serviceability of the MC line has been improved by an optimal level of accessibility to the motor and pump. Onboard pump oil tank and fill/empty system make basic maintenance tasks such as oil checking simple for the user and the easy to access concept will reduce maintenance time and cost.

  • MC-4MMC-4M

    Nilfisk MC 4M Pressure Washer


    The Nilfisk MC 4M is designed for light, general cleaning tasks and is the ideal choice for tradesmen, small building companies, small garages and farms. This range is equipped with a professional 1450 rpm motor pump unit with ceramic coated pistons for slightly heavier applications, developed for low to medium intensity use.

    The MC 4M includes an innovative spray gun holder that protects the spray gun and keep it out of harms way during storage and transport. Our studies have shown that one of the most common pressure washer components broken during transport is the spray gun, simply because it is not always stored correctly and thus is left unprotected.

  • Nilfisk MC 5MNilfisk MC 5M

    Nilfisk MC 5M Pressure Washer


    The Nilfisk MC 5M pressure washer range is built around a 30 mm steel frame, adding robustness and strength to the machine. Well equipped for long term use in even the toughest environments, these machines present a long-lasting, cost-effective solution for your cleaning tasks.

    The Nilfisk MC 5M line is intuitive and easy to use, it offers excellent storage facilities for the pressure washer’s standard spray equipment.

    The electrical cable is quickly wound around the storage hooks and the lower cable hook rotates to facilitate swift cable removal. The robust optional hose reel makes storage of the hose simple and also protects the hose from damage.

    Space is available for the storage of two lances in the lance holders that firmly grip the lances to prevent them from falling out during transport.




  • Karcher HD5/11 P

    Karcher HD5 Pressure Washer


    The Karcher HD5/11 P has several features usually found on much more expensive machines, like the automatic pressure relief feature to protect internal components on start-up, the Easy Press trigger gun with rotating lance, and high-grade hose and power cable. All of its professional-grade accessories are stored on-board, providing easy access and helping to prevent trip hazards. This tough, simple machine can be operated in a vertical or horizontal position, making it safer for use at height or on uneven ground.

    This machine you can also now experience the new dimension of ergonomics in high-pressure cleaning with Karcher’s new EASY! Force HD trigger gun. You need zero holding force & can clean effortlessly with less stress.

    Constantly holding the trigger of conventional HD trigger guns soon leads to tiredness, painful hands & a cramped working posture. Extensive cleaning is difficult without taking frequent breaks or even changing operators. Karcher’s EASY!Force technology changes this once & for all. Requiring no more holding force it has never been so easy to clean with high pressure.

    The trigger safety of the new EASY! Force trigger gun also prevents unintentional operation & offers maximum safety during use – without compromising on ease of use. You only need to press the trigger once to release the high-pressure jet – intuitive & simple. 



  • Karcher HD 6/13 C Plus

    Karcher HD 6/13 Pressure Washer


    Karcher HD 6/13 C Plus design features add convenience without compromising performance: like the on-board storage for nozzles, power cable, hose and lance; the new carry handle that makes the machines truly portable; and of course the unique lie-flat or stand up operating position.

    Kärcher’s space-saving modern designed upright cold pressure washer gives performance cleaning with easy lightweight manoeuvrability. The HD 6/13 C 4M is suited to any industrial cleaning task. A high-performance level twinned with many operator benefits makes this machine a great choice. The Switch Chemical system allows for the use of two different chemicals, simply switching from one to the other by the chemical switch and metering valve.