• Nilfisk MH 4MNilfisk MH 4M

    Nilfisk MH 3C Pressure Washer

    £2,652.44 + VAT

    The versatile Nilfisk MH 3C combines low running costs, high performance, ease of use, best in class mobility and great cleaning efficiency.

    The innovative design makes it easy to move over all types of surfaces. The Ergo accessory system contributes to even more comfortable use of the machine and assures durability and reliability.

    At CL Floor Care we also offer repairs on a variety of pressure washers. Click here to check out our full range.


  • Karcher HDS 5/11 UX

    The machine allows for easy transportation and storage thanks to its low weight, compact upright design and large diameter wheels, and is small enough to be transported in a typical estate car. With simple OFF-COLD-HOT operation, the 5/11 U is the perfect floor cleaning machine for light-medium duty cleaning tasks where time is of the essence.

    Karcher HDS 5/11 UX

    HDS 5/11 UX Brochure       HDS 5/11 UX Factsheet



  • Karcher HDS 7 Pressure Washer

    £3,974.14 + VAT

    With innovative features such as the eco! efficiency mode, offering fuel savings of up to 20% without compromising cleaning performance, 4-pole motors for high performance and long life, on-board diagnostics, and 3-year burner coil warranty, the HDS middle-class range provides our customers with the toughness, cleaning power, and low running costs they demand.

    The HDS 7/10-4 M features a 4-pole, air-cooled electric motor with long-life bearings and a 3-piston axial pump with ceramic pistons. With a water flow of up to 700 litres per hour, and up to 100 bar pressure, the 7/10 is a great all-around machine with superb performance for daily and deep cleaning jobs.

  • Karcher HDS 10 Pressure Washer

    The Karcher HDS 10 hot water pressure washer is a middle to super-class cleaning machine that boasts 5 main features.

    1. Environmental protection – Greater efficiency with the new ECO mode, service switch for controlling water hardness, turbofan, precision detergent metering, optimized burner technology and a high-efficiency pump.

    2. Cleaning performance – Highly efficient cleaning is guaranteed by patented nozzle technology, ceramic pistons, turbo fan as well as increased pump efficiency. Accessories are optimized for specific applications and designed to exactly suit customer requirements.

    3. Mobility – The mobility concept features two casters, large rubber-tyred wheels, ergonomic handles, lifting points for handling with a forklift, lashing rings and a recessed tread for tilting the machine to guarantee maximum manoeuvrability.

    4. Reliability – Guaranteed by flue gas monitoring, a corrosion-proof, robust chassis, machine protector system, three-piston axial pump with ceramic pistons, heat resistant flue outlet, and much more.

    5. Service friendliness – Easy access to all components that require servicing and a service switch to call up operating data at any time for troubleshooting.


  • Karcher HDS 6 Pressure Washer

    £2,876.27£3,255.66 + VAT

    The HDS 6/12 C also features Karcher’s unique Machine Protector system that prolongs component life and provides a 3-year burner coil warranty. With central one-button operation, excellent mobility and superb cleaning performance the HDS 6/12 is easy to set up, intuitive to operate and cheap to run.