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How Does A Scrubber Dryer Work?
05 Aug

How Does A Scrubber Dryer Work?

A scrubber dryer is an integrated cleaning machine that ensures clean and spotless floors with excellent hygiene standards. It’s quick and efficient as it has several functionalities.

Scrubber dryer machines are built to operate two different jobs simultaneously; scrubbing from a cleaning machine and drying from a suction vacuum-like task. A slight pass from the machine can turn a previously dirty floor to a clean and bone dry floor which can be walked on immediately. This is suitable for cleaning commercial and public facilities with numerous movement or traffic as wet floors could cause inconvenience or safety issues.

Scrubber dryers are mostly made of; a clean water tank, a squeegee, a vacuum, a control panel, and a collection tank.

Clean Water Tank.

The clean water tank can be the size of a vacuum cleaner or larger. It’s located at the head within the main body. By means of manual gravity or an automated system, the water is fed from the tank using a brush. The machine then vacuums up any waste solution remaining after getting rid of dirt and debris from the floor.

Vacuum Unit.

The vacuum unit is located within the collection tank. Thanks to a float valve that cuts off the running vacuum in case the waste level becomes too high, the vacuum unit are shielded from water.

Squeegee and Collection Tank.

This seats at the rear of the machine and follow behind when the machine is moving. It is larger than the actual machine to gather any waste when the machine operates. It is in turn attached to a convertible outrigger which gives room for it to be lowered or raised in the event of an uneven floor. The waste travels through the collection using an intake tube. It also has a drainage exit underneath its base for easy drainage.

Control Panel

The control panel facilitates the operator to control the operation of the vacuum unit and the solution pump. Models that are higher-priced include an indicator which facilitates the operator in checking the collection tanks and levels in the solution. An hour meter may also be incorporated to provide the operator with information about the running time of the machine.

These dryer cleaners may come in battery or cable versions. Whatever the size you may prefer, you could find a scrubber dryer crafted to suit all your needs. With their cleaning power and ergonomic design, this machine ensures your floors are dry and without a spot with minimal labour.

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