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Limited time offer Nilfisk MC 2C pressure washer
31 May

Limited time offer Nilfisk MC 2C pressure washer

Nilfisk MC 2C pressure washer limited time offer

It’s time to grab your Nilfisk MC 2C pressure washer bargain here today at an amazing price of £431.25 + VAT but be quick because once they are gone their gone!

About the Nilfisk MC 2C PRESSURE WASHER

The Nilfisk MC 2C range is designed for low-intensity use and routine cleaning tasks. They offer excellent cleaning performance, professional spray equipment, accessory storage and easy handling.

The Nilfisk MC 2C line comprises of models designed for routine semi-professional use mainly by tradesmen, on small construction sites or for rentals. The mobile unit associates a high level of ergonomics with cleaning power. The compact design of the MC 2C makes it easy to transport and store because of the size of the machine.

Do you need more information on the Nilfisk MC 2C no problem click here to see more.

Key Facts

  • Automatic start/stop
  • Ergo 2000 gun
  • Ergo plus accessory concept
  • Brass cylinder head
  • Axial pump
  • Steel reinforced High Pressure Hose (standard 10 m, XT 15 m)
  • Detergent injector hose and doser
  • Removable integrated detergent tank (2 l)
  • Water flow regulation on all models
  • 4-in-1 lance – four optional variable nozzles in one single lance unbelievable



Get in touch in order to not miss out!

For more information see our website: or contact us today here. Did you know we also have a facebook page search us today @ CL Floorcare.

How to choose a Floor Scrubber Dryer Machine
23 Nov

How to choose a Floor Scrubber Dryer Machine

Do you spend a lot of time cleaning your floors and want to reduce the time-consuming task? Then you need to consider purchasing or hiring a floor scrubber machine. This will not only save time on cleaning your floor but also save you on labour costs. Firstly, you need to know what type of machine you are looking for.


Questions to consider:

What are your needs?

What type of floors do I have?

Are the floors indoor or outdoor or both?

Do you need wet or dry scrubbing or both?


What machine is required for your type of floor?

Concrete floors – wet floor scrubber dryer machine

Tile, vinyl or laminate – a dry-only floor scrubber dryer machine

Outdoor Surface – an all-weather option


Don’t forget to consider the size of the area to be cleaned.

This will determine whether you require a ride-on floor scrubber dryer or walk behind scrubber dryer.


In conclusion, there is a lot to consider when you buy a floor scrubber dryer machine. How often do you plan on using it, the cleaning liquid you need, the type of floors you have, and whether you have a larger area and need a ride-on scrubber dryer.

At CL Floorcare we have an extensive range of floor-cleaning machines that we can demonstrate to you, or you can choose to hire before you buy or hire on a long- or short-term contract. We also provide a competitive servicing contract to keep your machines in tip-top condition.

If you require more information or help to choose which machine will suit your business requirements, then please do not hesitate to get in contact with us at CL Floorcare so that our experts can work closely with you to help to provide recommendations based on our years’ worth of experience.

Floor Cleaning Hire Of Commercial & Industrial Machines
18 Nov

Floor Cleaning Hire Of Commercial & Industrial Machines

We offer a wide range of floor cleaning hire of commercial and industrial machines. For example, you may be looking to clean indoor or outdoor environments. Therefore, choose from Scrubber Dryers, Road Sweepers, Floor Sweepers, Burnishers, Single Disc, or Buffers for hire. Click on the links below to learn more about our range of floor cleaning machines and their applications.


At CL Floor Care, we always work hard to ensure our customers are supplied with the highest-quality cleaning machines available. Our Hire Machines have been in high demand recently for customers requiring their warehouses, shop floors, schools and distribution centres floors cleaned. If you are looking to hire an industrial floor cleaner, then get in touch now to secure your machine. Some of the machines on offer include the Nilfisk SC6000, a ride-on scrubber dryer, the Nilfisk SW5500, a cost-effective indoor and outdoor sweeper, the Nilfisk SC530 BD, an easy-to-use walk-behind scrubber dryer, the Viper AS530, ride-on scrubber dryer, and Nilfisk VP930. New additions include the Truvox Orbis suite with powerful single-disc rotaries.

You can opt to buy or hire our scrubbers/cleaners and sweepers and we provide a high-quality service option as well, to keep your machine in excellent condition. Our trained staff are experts in repairing and maintaining industrial and commercial floor cleaners and offer comprehensive support packages for long-term and short-time hire!

We are located in Stoke on Trent. Call Now Tel: 01782 749451

CL Floorcare

277, Clough Street

Stoke on Trent


13 Jul



Looking for a new Industrial Floor Cleaner, Ride-on

Scrubber, Cleaner, Sweeper to keep your warehouse, distribution centre or showroom Top-Notch?


New and Established warehouses and distribution centres have seen an upsurge in traffic due to an increased upturn from online buyers. To reduce Health and Safety issues such as slips and falls, it is recommended to use a dependable and job-suitable industrial floor scrubber/dryer.

Here at CL Floorcare, we have a wide range of industrial floor cleaners, which scrub, sweep and polish. Our Ride-on and walk-behind Floor Scrubber Dryers will keep your warehouse in top-notch condition.

We supply a range of Nilfisk, Viper and i-mop Industrial floor scrubber dryers which are combination cleaning machines that guarantee spotless floors and excellent hygiene standards. They are fast and efficient because of their multiple functionalities. Firstly, the industrial floor scrubber dryer machine holds the cleaning solution which it deposits on the surface in this first step. Secondly, it uses a brush to scrub the floor to remove dirt and debris that is embedded in surfaces. Finally, the dryer stage for drying the floor uses the inbuilt vacuum. You can choose from our walk-behind industrial floor scrubber driers to our high-powered ride-on models.

Check out the Nilfisk SC6000 which is a next-generation ride-on scrubber dryer with the size, speed, and technology to clean large indoor areas – at an extremely low Total Cost of Ownership. Available in 3 different versions. Saves both water and detergent and get superior cleaning and drying performance, with limited need for service and maintenance.

And the Nilfisk SC5500 is a next-generation ride-on scrubber dryer with the size, speed, and technology to clean large indoor areas – at an extremely low Total Cost of Ownership. Available in 3 different versions. Saves both water and detergent and get superior cleaning and drying performance, with limited need for service and maintenance.


See links below for further information:

You can opt to buy or hire our scrubbers/cleaners and sweepers and we provide a high-quality service option as well, to keep your machine in excellent condition. Our trained staff are experts in repairing and maintaining industrial and commercial floor cleaners and offer comprehensive support packages for long-term and short-time hire!


If you need advice on which floor scrubber/sweeper machine would be suitable for your warehouse, distribution centre or showroom or wish to book a demonstration, please contact us at CL Floorcare and we can discuss your requirements and set you up with the right machine – 01782749451.

We are located in Stoke on Trent. Call Now Tel: 01782 749451

CL Floorcare

277, Clough Street

Stoke on Trent


Ride on scrubber/Dryer

Ride on Floor Sweeper
20 Jul

Dissecting ‘Freedom Day’: How will cleaning standards change?

When it comes to cleaning and hygiene, will yesterday’s ‘Freedom Day’ see any changes to government guidelines on stringent cleaning protocols?

While certain businesses are being allowed to re-open fully (in particular, those that primarily operate in the night-time economy, like nightclubs and theatres) there are still rules and regulations in place that may see a more thorough approach to cleanliness is still being undertaken!

CL Floor Care examines some of these below, and how these new rules will undoubtedly impact cleaning practices:

–     The re-opening of nightclubs and other nighttime economy venues. Huzzah and hurrah! Grab your dancing shoes and get ready to boogie, as the long-awaiting re-opening of nightclubs is finally upon us, with some venues having re-opened from 12 am on Monday 19th July. But with no social distancing guidelines in place and no capacity limits, such venues will need to rigorously clean high traffic areas to ensure minimal business disruption from COVID-19 transmission.

–     The work from home guidance ‘no longer being necessary’. While ministers have called for clinically vulnerable people to be allowed to continue to work from home, many workers have been encouraged to work from the office from yesterday. An increase in office foot traffic will mean that touchpoints such as light switches, door handles and appliance handles will need to be cleaned more regularly.

–     The re-opening of high-capacity outdoor entertainment businesses, such as gigs and festivals. While outdoor meetings are inherently less risky than meeting indoors, due to COVID being less transmissible, large gatherings of people in any venue will leave a higher volume of rubbish. Such rubbish should be disposed of by operatives with the correct cleaning equipment and personal protective wear.

–     Face masks will no longer be mandatory in some settings. While many transport operators, supermarkets and hospitality businesses are advising continued use of face coverings, government rules suggest that they will no longer be a legal requirement (unless exempt). In support of maintaining cleanliness standards, businesses may want to consider installing plastic transparent screens where staff could interact with members of the public.

CL Floor Care has been committed to assisting individuals and organisations uphold their cleaning standards throughout the pandemic and will continue to do so beyond. We have a wide variety of cleaning machines that are optimised to clean the floors of businesses that are today now able to operate more freely (or indeed at all!). These include the SC351 and SC430 Pedestrian Scrubber Dryers and the Micro Ride-on SC2000, all suitable for cleaning dance floors, corridors, hallways, and other hard floor surfaces.

Contact CL Floor Care today for a quote on the hire or purchase of your next floor cleaning machine.

Re-opening your business post-lockdown
11 May

Re-opening your business post-lockdown

It is fair to say that the Coronavirus Pandemic has completely changed the landscape of how we view cleanliness. Now, in the workplace and when we visit external businesses, sanitising stations, social distancing markers and protective screens are commonplace. Though hygiene and remaining clean have always been crucial, ‘super cleanliness’ has become vital for a business to perform effectively and remain open. Cleaning should now concentrate beneath any surface-level grime that may have previously been the primary focus.

So, how might a business achieve this?

While the government is still touting the ‘stay local’ mantra, the re-opening of external hospitality and non-essential businesses will undoubtedly result in a surge of foot traffic in areas that will have previously locked down for months. This increase in use will only continue to boost footfall with the resumption of indoor hospitality on 17th May.

Here, CL Floor Care has put together a list of crucial recommended steps that re-opening businesses should look at taking:

A thorough risk assessment is required to safeguard customers and staff. The evaluation will need to consider all potential risks and identify how safeguarding of health will occur. The Food Safety Management System must also receive an update for food businesses, with any new procedures in mind.

Business premises will need to be adjusted to facilitate social distancing and include increased access to handwashing/sanitising stations. More intensive cleaning should also occur regularly, with high traffic surfaces like door handles, light switches, floors, and cash registers disinfected on a routine basis (at least twice a day). This frequency should increase if foot traffic increases.

Businesses should check registered waste carriers to ensure that services are running as frequently as required. Waste should be dealt with in a timely manner and not be permitted to build up.

Any items in the business that are considered ‘difficult to clean’ should be removed to make frequent cleaning more manageable.

The above set of principles should also be re-addressed if an individual with COVID-19 accesses the business. This includes the disposal of PPE equipment and the thorough disinfection of areas where the person may have passed through.

Contact Us

As floor cleaning specialist, we offer a range of commercial vacuum cleaners and scrubber dryers that are guaranteed to cut through any dirt build-up that may occur because of a sudden build-up of custom. We have a range of cleaning machines available for hire and purchase and can provide advice on the chemical or machine required.

Contact us today for a quote, and we will arduously meet all of your businesses’ requirements for cleanliness!

C L Floorcare’s Popular Hire Cleaning Machines Right now!
17 Sep

C L Floorcare’s Popular Hire Cleaning Machines Right now!

C L Floorcare’s Popular Hire Cleaning Machines Right Now!


At C L Floorcare we are always happy to advise you on the best floor cleaning machine hire options we have to offer…..

From vacuum cleaners to ride on sweepers, Indoor/Outdoor we can supply, deliver and maintain equipment from as little as 1 week depending on your requirements. Our commercial & industrial hire fleet is made up of the leading brands so you can be assured that you are receiving the best machines such as Tennant, Nilfisk,Viper, Karcher and Egholm…… So on…..


  1. Scrubber Dryer                  
  2. Outdoor Machine 
  3. Vacuum Cleaner 


All machines are available in different sizes for many applications. Do you need any additional information? Call CL Floorcare for assistance on 01782 749451 or get in touch via email.


Why consider Hiring a Floor Cleaning Machine


Saves you time:

Supplying, checking, maintaining, delivering your cleaning equipment. All you need to do is contact us with your requirements and we will take it from there.

Monthly payments

Regular payments will help you to budget. No lump sum, the same amount of monthly payments for as long as you hire our machines. From as little as 1 week

Decisions Decisions.....

You can select from a wide range of different machines. If you feel that you would prefer something a little bit bigger or something different altogether we can look into this for you.

Try before you buy

Maybe you would like to hire a machine for a few weeks to a month to get to know what machine is best suited for you and your environment before you go and buy. We can help with that, we can guide you in the right direction.


Floor cleaner hire can provide significant cost savings. Outright ownership has its advantages but it also comes with ongoing maintenance costs. However, hiring a scrubber dryer or floor sweeper for a few months, the lifetime maintenance costs won’t be your problem.

Additionally, CL Floorcare has maintenance and repair services provided by skilled engineers. If cleaning equipment needs some repairs in the course of your lease, you can contact us and get expert services.

Finished with your machine early?

Customers can de-hire the equipment at any point with no termination charges.

Why use a carpet cleaner… Hire/Buy we do both
16 Jul

Why use a carpet cleaner… Hire/Buy we do both

Ask your self, do you ?…..

Do you clean your carpets? not just hoovering, a proper deep clean using cleaning solutions and a carpet machine…. to remove them deep stains and dirt? 9/10 the answer would be no because you don’t own or think about hiring a cleaning machine.

With so many products, both hardware and solutions, it can be very daunting on what cleaning machine is best to go for, but we are here to help you make the right choice. We want to show you why you should buy/hire a carpet cleaner from us.



1 - Have your home looking brand sparkling new


There is nothing worse than walking into your home and seen a dull dirty and unkempt carpet. It doesn’t look the best and it can start to smell bad too. Buying/hiring a carpet cleaner like our Nilfisk E5300, can give your carpets that ‘fresh new’ look and feel again.


2 - Home comforts... is there anything better?


You know that feeling you get when you’ve de-cluttered your house from top to bottom. It feels new and homely. A clean carpet smelling fresh and looking clean does just that. Leaving that new house smell and feeling.

Once you have done your deep carpet clean, it’s up to you to take care of the vacuuming and keeping that smell and freshness alive as long as possible.


3- Extend the life of your carpet


Treat your carpet well, Through routine cleaning and maintenance, you can count on the life of your carpet being extended for any number of years depending on the quality and frequency of cleanings. The carpet in your home is equal if not more of an asset as the paint on your walls, due to the constant traffic.


4 - Odors and Smells


Carpets can start to smell over time. With regular traffic, all those crumbs, spills, dirt simply disappear into the pile of your carpet. By using our Viper CEX410 this can get rid of all the nasty smells which arise from a dirty carpet.

Things like pet stains and food spills as well as general wear and tear all add to the odor problem which occurs within the carpet. Scrubbing or off the shelf cleaning products will not get rid of these nasty smells. If anything if not done properly can make matters worse adding more damp to the service.

The majority of products you see in retail stores will only mask the smell for a very short period of time where as our carpet cleaners can eliminate them all together with a combination of high powered cleaning technology and we have some great C L Floorcare carpet chemical solutions.


5 - Now just Relax Knowing That Your Carpet are looking fresh and fine!


Now sit back and relax and look at the amazing job your carpet cleaner has done. There is nothing better than knowing that your home is now looking fresh and new.


Our top 3 carpet cleaner picks this month: (Hire out/Sell)


Nilfisk ES300


Viper CEX410

Viper CEX410



Steamer Special Offer now Live!!
23 Apr

Steamer Special Offer now Live!!

Steamer offers




Due to Covid-19, we are running a special offer to cover all your steam cleaner needs.

We have some great prices on Nilfisk steam cleaning machines.

As we tackle the spread of COVID-19, we all need to work a little bit harder to ensure hygiene standards remain very high, and this is where a steam cleaner can help.

COVID-19 can survive on surfaces, such as worktops or door handles, for up to three days. On plastic and stainless steel for up to 72 hours, on cardboard for up to 24 hours.

Heat at temperatures over 77 degrees C is the best killer of bacteria and viruses, and the temperature of steam is much higher than that.

For the NHS – Using steam cleaners can be ideal for using on curtains, carpets, mattresses and soft furnishings that cannot be disinfected with regular cleaning sprays.

Call us today for more information 01782 749451 Or visit our website








COVID-19: Working from home during coronavirus
06 Apr

COVID-19: Working from home during coronavirus

COVID-19 – Tips for home working


At the moment it is very hard to escape any news about the coronavirus (COVID-19).

So Lets take a look at some tips and techniques for maximizing your productivity whilst working from home.

Working from home can be brilliant  –  Your own surroundings, pop the kettle on  whenever you want, got your own private bathroom. However, if you’re not used to working remotely then being away from your normal set up at the office can feel disconcerting. I wanted to share with you some tips I go by since working from home.


Tip 1: – Your work space

Whether you’re in the office or at home, having a desk set up that works for you is key.

Try to create a small area at home that’s a dedicated space for work. This will not only help you stay in the right frame of mind but will also create separation between your work and home life. Save your sofa, for the end of the day when you need to switch off and you can relax in your cosy space.

“I have made a dedicated work spot in my home – I have popped a desk at the back of my living room with a lovely looking chair, printer and my laptop. Once I am done working remotely I just leave that space and get back to home life.”


Tip 2: Have your own routine

Now that you’re not in the office, you may have to change your routine slightly.

Are you used to background noise, you may want to create a playlist you can work to. Getting up like you would do for a normal working day may help your frame of mind.

If you’re struggling to focus, why not try going for a walk clear your mind. get back and try again. Get yourself into a working mindset by sticking to as much of your normal routine as possible.


“At the moment I have my 3 year old daughter home with me whilst I work but I still try stick to the waking up having my breakfast (Do the mornings register – my daughters routine at the moment aha) Do my work and after dinner we have a walk to clear our minds and refresh us for the afternoon which is my 3rd tip.”


Tip 3: Move Around

At this time, we don’t know how long this pandemic will last and chances are we will be home longer than we want. So put some movement in your day, in the office you may be up and down getting what you need where as at home its all in your work space. So go for a walk on your dinner, Move around a bit clean the kitchen for 10 get some movement in.

Tip 4: Give yourself a break

When working from home, plan breaks into your day and don’t take lunch at your desk. If you can, a midday change of scenery and stretch of the legs can do wonders for your afternoon happiness levels.

Also have a set time you finish everyday too, turn off the laptop and turn off any work-related notifications outside of those hours.


Tip 5:  Be prepared for you and the kids

Lots of us are having to adjust to new routines right now like working parents, working from home whilst entertaining, feeding and teaching children takes juggling to a whole new level!

We will all be facing different challenges, with different ages of family member’s.  One thing that can help is to prepare is having a set of activities laid out so that you have a source of inspiration when the dreaded “I’m bored” words pop up.

“I’ve been dividing my time between the office and entertaining /learning my daughter over the past few weeks. I’m defiantly enjoying having my daughter as my work buddy.. Ben and Holly and chocolate ice lollies seem to do the trick when I have ran out of ideas to entertain whilst working!” Joe Wicks P.E class at am seems to help a great deal too”




If you’re not used to working from home, don’t be to hard on your self. It might take a few days for you to find your working rhythm, but it will happen so remember to be kind, stay home and stay safe.

26 Mar




We are open for call out repairs to cleaning machine to our customers.



By being identified as ‘critical or key workers’ by the Prime Minister and the British Government.

Additionally, our cleaning product suppliers need to remain at work to provide the consumables and products to clean with, from wipes and paper products, to disinfectants, sanitisers and cleaning products in general. And our machinery and equipment providers need to produce and supply specialist cleaning equipment that people can use, to repair and maintain the working of the machines.