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22 Mar

How Does The Pump on a Pressure Washer Work

While pressure washers are comprised of many different components, the pump can be considered the “heart” of the unit. If this mechanism fails to function properly, the entire machine could suffer from a loss of pressure or even a complete breakdown.

How Does The Pump on a Pressure Washer Work
This is why addressing any potential issues with a pump is essential when tackling the concept of pressure washer repair.

How A Pump on a Pressure Washer Works

So, how does this component function and what are its main purposes? Let’s take a look at the basic physics of a typical pump to better appreciate the answers to these two important questions.

The Notion of Pressure in Relation to the Pump

It is first a good idea to appreciate how “pressure” is defined in relation to a pump. In this case, we are referring to the amount of water that is able to flow through a nozzle within a specific period of time (such as a minute).

It, therefore, stands to reason that a greater flow rate will equate to a higher amount of pressure. The intention of a pump is to achieve such a flow rate and to modify it based upon the commands of the user.

The Internal Mechanics of a Pressure Washer Pump

The majority of pumps utilised within typical power washers rely upon a series of valves and cylinders configured in a specific way. Pistons within the cylinders will be activated in order to suck water into an intake valve.

On the upstroke of a piston, water is expelled through what is known as an outflow valve. These valves work in a single direction and they are designed so that no water can reenter the system.

Valves are also able to detect differences in pressure on either side through the use of a spring mechanism. When the pressure is higher than the strength of the spring, the valve will open. During the upstroke, the valve will likewise be held closed.

In the event that the user presses on the trigger of the pressure washer gun, this signals the pump to increase the level of water pressure. The water is then directed through the valves and cylinders. Mentioned above in order to generate the right level of cleaning power.

This basic principle is the same whether referring to hot water pressure washers or more powerful variants designed for commercial and industrial requirements. Therefore, the pump plays an undeniably critical role in their functionality. For more information on pressure washers visit C L Floorcare or contact us on 01782 749451

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