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Industrial Cleaning Equipment Health & Safety
06 Nov

Industrial Cleaning Equipment Health & Safety

Industrial floor cleaners companies use equipment and chemicals. Therefore, the manager has the mandate to ensure that the staff is trained appropriately. They should be familiar with the risk that might result from the cleaning services.

Cleaning Risks Assessment

It is a legal requirement that every company conducts cleaning risks assessment. This has to be done at the planning stage of any job or cleaning project. The right work statement should accompany it. This process involves assessing any risks and hazards that might result from any job that is undertaken in the workplace. The right measures are then put in place to reduce the risks or even stop them from happening.


Contractors should be served with detailed information on the risks they stand to be exposed to while delivering their services. They should also be provided with the right measures to help them take control of the risks if they occur, or prevent them altogether.

Protection from Harmful Substances

The controls of substances that are Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 are meant to protect persons from potentially harmful substances that they might use or even come into contact with while on duty. The industrial floor cleaners should understand that cleaning chemicals and could be harmful and can find their way into the body through:

  • Absorption through skin
  • Inhalation of sprays, gases, dust, and sprays
  • Ingestion, i.e. eating and drinking

Therefore, the workers have to be trained to:

  • Read and understand container labels so that they know how to mix and handle chemicals in the right way to avoid risks
  • Only use chemicals for their intended purposes and nothing else
  • Ensure to use PPE when using chemicals, e.g., masks, gloves, overalls, goggles, and many more
  • Have the chemicals stored as per the recommendations put forth by the manufacturing company.

What is in the Safety Data Sheet?

There needs to be detailed information on the effects of chemicals that are used in the cleaning process. The suppliers will provide a safety data sheet that contains things like:

  • First aid advice and emergency action
  • Fire hazards and health risks
  • The proper way to use chemicals
  • How to transport, store, and use the substance
  • Other details like waste disposal

The Final Thought

If you are the person in charge of the health and safety of workers in the organisation, make sure they access this critical information. In case a risk occurs, follow the right measures to reduce its effects.

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