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19 Sep

The Science Behind a Pressure Washer

The Science Behind a Pressure Washer: More than Meets the Eye

A pressure washer is arguably one of the most universal pieces of cleaning equipment found within a home or on a job site. From stripping paint off of an old fence to removing mould from a concrete walkway, these machines are as flexible as they are powerful. The Science Behind a Pressure Washer
However, very few consumers are aware of the science associated with their efficient nature. Let’s examine the principles behind the average pressure washer in order to fully appreciate the benefits that such a unit can offer. Feel free to check this link to know more about loans by paydayloanspal

The Main Components of a Pressure Washer

It is first a good idea to take a look at the main components of a modernĀ hot water pressure washer. These include:

  • The connection to a mains water supply.
  • An electric (or diesel) motor.
  • A pump known as an impeller.
  • A high-pressure hose or “gun”.

Water is initially supplied by a mains feed. This water may or may not be combined with a detergent (based upon the task at hand). The water is then fed to the impeller and heated. This pump is intended to increase the pressure as well as to mix any additives within the solution. Upon exiting the impeller, the water sent to a hose or hand-operated gun that increases its pressure further. Lastly, a tip is added to this gun. The tip is equipped with a narrow nozzle that can be configured to a number of different angles. The widest tends to be 90 degrees while there is also a zero-degree option for extremely precise streams.

The Benefits of High-Pressure Water Jets

As mentioned previously, a host of scientific principles are associated with a pressure washer. The most important isĀ kinetic energy. When the water leaves the nozzle, it is travelling at a very high speed. This force is normally measured in pounds per square inch (PSI). A higher PSI equates to greater cleaning and scrubbing power. Ultimately, it is the strength of the water combined with any detergent that is able to deal with even the toughest surface stains. Some hot water washers are so powerful that they can be used to etch softer materials such as wood and certain types of stone.

Whether intended for use around the home or on a large construction site, pressure washers will always come in handy. Please feel free to take a look at the varieties available at CL Floor Care.

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