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10 Oct

How Carpet Cleaning Machines Work

Modern carpet cleaners utilise some of the latest technological innovations in order to remove even the toughest of stains. However, much of the “magic” behind their design occurs behind the scenes. It is therefore a good idea to take a quick look at the basic principles associated with these cleaners. More about loans by cashsharp

Although the configurations may differ slightly between units, the fact of the matter is that they all share some key concepts in common. Let’s briefly examine why carpet cleaners are so effective.How Carpet Cleaning Machines Work

Mechanical Power with a Twist

The real power behind a carpet cleaner involves its mechanical scrubbing and suction actions. From a general standpoint, the cleaner will be moved over a specific section of carpet. A series of nozzles then sprays water onto the pile (the fabric) of the carpet.

This water may or may not contain a cleaning solution such as soap (this depends upon the type of material as well as the detritus that needs to be removed). Then, scrubbers and brushes physically agitate the fabric of the carpet; freeing up dirt and similar types of debris. While this is taking place, a powerful vacuum normally located at the rear of the unit will suck up this dirty solution and store it within an internal reservoir.

As the machine is moved forward by the operator, the carpet will become progressively cleaner. Please keep in mind that there can be times when stubborn stains need to be pre-treated in order to make it easier to remove ground-in stains.

The Types of Cleaners

There are many varieties of industrial carpet cleaners. Choosing the appropriate make and model will ultimately be determined by the area that needs to be addressed and the type of carpet. For example, wand cleaners can be used to tackle tight spaces that may prevent the presence of a larger unit.

Conversely, self-contained cleaners are perfectly suited for dealing with spacious locations (such as the lobby of a hotel or a commercial office complex). Clients will be happy to know that CL Floor Care provides a number of different configurations, so even the most challenging of projects can be completed within a short period of time.

If you require professional and reliable carpet cleaning solutions, our services are only a phone call away. Please speak with a qualified representative to learn more about the types of cleaners that we have in stock.

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