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18 Dec

Which Commercial Carpet Cleaner is the Best?

Which commercial carpet cleaner is the Best? This is a rather interesting question, as the associated answer will depend upon your needs as well as the environment to be cleaned.

Which Commercial Carpet Cleaner is the Best
It should go without saying that it is always wise to choose the top brand names if you hope to enjoy the greatest sense of reliability. However, are there any telltale signs of a worthwhile unit and what accessories should be present to make quick work of a challenging task? Let us examine the hallmarks of quality commercial carpet cleaning machines.

Hoses and Attachments

The main intention of a commercial carpet cleaner is to address large areas (such as showrooms or public spaces). So, it should be equipped with a selection of attachments so that the operator can complete the associated task within a timely fashion. Hoses of variable lengths and different cleaning nozzles are two examples to look out for.

The Capacity of the Unit

By their very nature, commercial carpet cleaners are intended to hold a significant amount of debris within their reservoir. However, please keep in mind that you will also need to take into account the capacity associated with any cleaning solutions or water that might be required. Those with larger tanks should be chosen if you have to deal with a massive location.

The Dimensions and Turning Radius

Bigger may not always better if you are hoping to find the best commercial carpet cleaner. Larger turning radii can prove difficult to handle in tight spaces. This will only serve to hinder the project at hand. So, enquire about the characteristics of the unit including:

  • The height and weight.
  • The wheel base.
  • The maximum reach of the hose.
  • Ease of use.

CL Floor Care fully appreciates the fact that unique tasks require equally flexible carpet cleaners. This is why we offer a wide selection of makes and models to choose from. Please take a look at this category in greater detail to learn more.

User-Friendly Controls

Finally, the carpet cleaner should be relatively simple to operate. “Smart” systems and accurate controls are keys in terms of overall efficiency. These will also address larger projects; offering a higher return on investment. Thankfully, the best brands in the business have evolved to the point that they are quite intuitive without sacrificing their overall power. Know more about financial

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