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Which Pressure Washer Chemicals?
16 Sep

Which Pressure Washer Chemicals?

What You Need To Know About Pressure Washer Chemicals

For effective cleaning, use pressure washer chemicals. They help in getting rid of dirt quickly. Good selection of cleaning chemicals will increase the significance of the process.

To achieve that glamorous look, cleaning chemicals should be mixed with hot water. Hot water has more energy to grime off the surface and get rid of dirt.

You can tremendously speed up the cleaning process by using pressure washer’s detergent, soap, and other available cleaning chemicals. The type of dirt to be cleaned dictates the kind of chemical to be used. With so many types of soaps and detergent in the market, it can be challenging to select the best chemical for pressure washing.

Difference between soap and detergent

When you go shopping, you will realise that some products are labelled detergents while others as soaps. The labelling is not just for the sake of it. Detergents contain harsher chemicals compared to soaps. Detergents contain a synthetic chemical which has specific uses. Some are good in dissolving grease while others are good in killing moulds.

On the other hand, soaps are made of natural ingredients. These ingredients include fats and oils from animals and plants. Oils and fats are combined with salts after being processed down to glycerine and fatty acids with steam.

Sodium is used to combine bar soap raw products, while potassium is used to combine those of liquid soap. Natural ingredients are biodegradable; thus, the runoff of soap is less likely to harm plant life.

When to use soap or detergent

Pressure washing with detergent is likely to be more productive. Detergents are more potent on surfaces such as wood and concrete. Most pressure washers detergents are environmentally friendly.

Can dish soap be used in a pressure washer?

Like other soaps, dish soap has a soapy form. You might be tempted to use it for pressure washing, and it will turn out to be less effective. Dish soap could have a back-splash due to high pressure. If the back-splash gets into your eyes or those of your pets, you will experience a burning effect. Concentrated detergent soap will work better in pressure washing.

Soaps have specific chemicals for various applications

Not all soaps are suitable for pressure washers. General soaps are mainly used to remove dirt and debris. On the other hand, some soaps are right in killing all organisms, while others help in killing bacteria.

Common chemicals in soaps and their uses

Citric acid: used for wooden patio cleaning, concrete driveways, and stain removal

Oxalic acid: used in removing rust

Vinegar: cleaning windows, counters and shining surfaces

Bleach: used to get rid of stains

Sodium hypochlorite: For disinfection and stain removal

Before deciding on which chemical to purchase, consider the type of material to be cleaned. Environmental-friendly pressure washer chemicals are less harmful.

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