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Industrial Floor Cleaning Considerations
18 Sep

Industrial Floor Cleaning Considerations

Getting an industrial floor cleaner can be exciting, especially when you think of the workload it will reduce. However, it is vital to have a look at some variables that will guide your purchase or rental decision, more so because these items cost a lot of money. Browse through some of the crucial aspects you need to consider before jumping to get one of these products.

  • Budget

How many pounds are you willing to spend on these machines? Are you limited in regards to funds, or are your resources unlimited? The amount of cash you have to spare determines how powerful your device will be. A machine that costs more will generally have better specs as compared to one that is cheaper.

  • Purpose

What is your primary use for this machine? Do you want to dust your floor or do you need to scrub it down to get rid of the debris and other tough stains? Better yet, would you prefer to do both? The kind of work for which you intend to use the cleaner should guide your purchase. You can either get a floor sweeper, scrubber dryer, or a combination machine with both included. Additionally, getting a powerful scrubber makes the cleaning process fast and effortless. For larger spaces, getting a ride-along industrial floor cleaner will make the cleaning process smoother and much quicker as compared to a walk-behind machine.

  • Capacity

The hopper volume is another aspect you need to watch keenly. The bigger the hopper, the more trash the floor cleaner can carry. You may want to choose a machine with a massive hopper capacity to ensure that you do not keep on emptying it often as you go about cleaning the compound.

  • Battery Longevity

A powerful battery will enable you to use the machine for hours on end without powering off mid-way. If you have a vast space to cover at one given time, you can opt for batteries with large power outputs. If not, choose those with lower wattage.

  • Speed

How fast your machine moves will determine how quickly you complete your work. Having a powerful but slow cleaner is frustrating since you may have to clean for extended hours. A fast one, however, will reduce the time you spend in cleaning significantly.

When buying an industrial floor cleaner, it is best to pick one that has at least three of the above qualities. Also, get one from a trusted supplier such as CL Floorcare if you want it to last.

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