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Industrial Carpet Cleaner Guide
11 Sep

Industrial Carpet Cleaner Guide

Various Industrial Carpet Cleaning Methods

Any environment you are working in should look sparkle clean. This is where your colleagues or visitors converge during or after having had a busy day. Therefore, you should beat all odds to ensure that the place is fresh and appealing. Your office or warehouse might be smart, your furniture might be glamorous, but visitors will still notice a worn out and dirty carpet.

Keeping your warehouse or office carpeting clean, will go a long way in maintaining your reputation. Maintaining your carpet helps extend its life. At CL Floorcare, we have you covered with amazing deals. We aim to provide services that exceed our customer’s expectation at an affordable cost.

The following are the most preferred carpet cleaning methods.

Hot water extraction: While using this method, hot water is forced into a carpet. The water is pumped under high pressure and then sucked using a vacuum. Van and truck mount extraction are the commonly known hot water extraction methods.

While using a truck mount machine, the machine heats water to high temperature and shoots the solutions to a carpet at high pressure. The hot water and chemicals break up dirt, pollens and bacteria in the carpet. The machine then draws the dirt and bacteria from the carpet. This is the most effective way to clean large commercial carpets.

Dry foam: using this method, shampoo is applied on a carpet and left to dry. The dried shampoo is then extracted using a vacuum. When using this method, you are not supposed to rinse the shampoo. According to experts, this method is not sufficient. It leaves sticky residue and dirt in your carpet.

Dry absorbent powder: while using this procedure, wet powder is spread on a carpet. Industrial carpet cleaners leaves the powder to dry and then sucks it using a vacuum. This method is easy and affordable. However, the vacuum leaves dry sponge particles on your carpet.

Bonnet cleaning: This method might be too hard on your carpet. Industrial carpet cleaners sets a piece of large cotton on your carpet and buffs the carpet using a floor polishing buffer machine. The rotating part of the machine absorbs dirt from your carpet. In layman’s language, the machine uses a cotton rag to mop and rub dust out of your carpet.

Industrial Carpet cleaning machines

At CL FloorCare, we will make your carpet look pretty clean. With technology advancement, we have secured heavy-duty machines to help serve you better. You can hire our machines or call us to maintain and repair your machine.

You should stop feeling shameful because of that dirty carpet in your office or warehouse. We have a highly trained team that will help you get rid of dirt quickly. We will help you extend your carpet life at affordable prices. Don’t hesitate to call us.

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