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Pressure Washer Common Myths
05 Sep

Pressure Washer Common Myths

Common Myths About Pressure Washing

Pressure washers are designed to make your job easier, saving you on both time and effort. Nonetheless, many people don’t fully understand the value of pressure washing and its uses.

This creates many myths — some false, some true — about pressure washing that may affect judgement. Here we look at these common myths and their veracity.

  1. Pressure washing should only be used on obvious signs of dirt, grime, mould or stains

Many believe that pressure washing is an ideal solution for obvious and often incredibly dirty property. This isn’t necessarily true. Pressure washing involves the forceful removal of stains from surfaces. However, many forms of dirt are not visible to the eye. You shouldn’t wait until a property is unsightly to use pressure washing. Cleaning and preventing stains is much better than waiting for them to accumulate over time. Pressure washing is a great preventative and not an all-or-nothing solution.

  1. Pressure washing is safe because it is water-based

Yes, pressure washing depends on water, but it also requires pressure (and lots of it). While this allows the water to sweep away deep stains, mould and dirt, it can also be dangerous or damaging to certain surfaces when not handled properly. This is particularly true of valuable furniture and finishings, so always consult a professional when pressure washing.

  1. One pressure setting is suitable for everything

Some surfaces are susceptible to damage and require lower levels of pressure. As such, each portion of a property room and surface may require a different pressure setting. Low-pressure settings, for example, are required to wash away potential mould from sidings.

  1. Pressure washing is simple and can be done by anybody

Pressure washing may indeed be simple in terms of theory, but it requires skill and knowledge. Many buy or hire a pressure washer hoping it will make for a quick and easy clean. The truth is that by handling a pressure washer wrongly or misunderstanding its uses, you may cause considerable damage to a surface, room or property. It is therefore important to do all the research possible to be safe.

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